Wet Leg brandish their cheekiness in the effortless breakup track “Ur Mum”

It’s been a long build up since the release of “Chaise Longue” last June, but Wet Leg‘s self-titled debut album finally arrives this Friday, April 8. Before that though, they’ve given us one more single and video, the succinctly titled “Ur Mum”.

As suggested by the title, “Ur Mum” is full of put downs and Wet Leg’s usual sassiness. However, it’s not the titular mum that’s being insulted, but rather the child thereof, which is made clear in the opening put down: “When I think about what you’ve become / I feel sorry for your mum.” The bouncing, boisterous song continues energetically from there, with plenty of ultra hooky vocals and smirk-inducing digs. Ultimately, Wet Leg prove they’re the masters of their own domain in the anthemic chorus; “I don’t want you to want me / I need you to forget me.”

The coolness is carried over into the video, which you can watch below. Otherwise find “Ur Mum” on streaming platforms.

Wet Leg’s debut album Wet Leg comes out on April 8 through Domino (pre-order/save). Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.