Westside Gunn shares flawless new single “The Narcissist”, alongside DJ Premier and Brady Watt

Need we say it? Westside Gunn doesn’t miss. Credit due, this one didn’t begin with him, with the backbone of the cerebral, jazzy track created by musician and producer Brady Watt, who in turn linked up with DJ Premier for thoughts, who himself ended up both bringing Gunn into the fold and providing the track with characteristically flawless drums and scratches.

Sharing the story himself, Watt explains, “I cooked up this composition how I usually do, just jamming in the studio. I used three basses on this; my fretted, fretless, and upright. DJ Premier deemed it worthy enough to send to the one and only, Westside Gunn, who is and has been my favorite artist out for a minute now. Preem reached out to Gunn and he laced two verses and the hook same night. I couldn’t even believe it. At first, I intended it to be a drumless joint (in Griselda fashion), but Preem insisted he put drums on it AND a classic scratch hook using vocals from none other than Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine. This song really manifested itself, and I’m honored to have my name next to these titans.

Suffice to say, it all came together to form a display of absolute perfection. Undeniably groovy, it’s laid back and in your face all at once.

To complete the potion, Watt reached out to Jim Warren to illustrate a video for the track, which you can check out in all its glory below. Sharing his own thoughts, Premier asserts, “This one was more of me listening to Brady’s direction and vision. I felt like it needed some drums … In typical Westside Gunn fashion, the drums were kept out until the first verse, and hook were laid; so it could build up. I sprinkled in some Outro scratches and it was sewn up. Visually, I was amazed at how accurately the video accurately depicts the lyrics.

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Brady Watt is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.