Wasuremono explore the bliss of everyday things on the romping indie jam “Ordinary Life”, announce UK tour

Wasuremono are releasing Let’s Talk (Part 1) next month – the first of an ambitious double album – and following from the recent heaven and hell mingling “I Feel Fine (Hallelujah)” they’ve today shared “Ordinary Life”. Principal songwriter William Southward says about the song:

“I’m a sucker for a pop song, and there are loads on the album, but I think one thing that has changed is that I have written some longer songs this time round, almost like movies rather than episodes of a series. This song goes to so many places I didn’t expect. To me it sounds like an adventure – searching for that haven, even when it feels like the world is crashing down. It is about big changes and the unexpected twists and turns of life, but discovering the simple things in life can be the most important and have the most meaning, and that we have a responsibility for what we are leaving future generations.”

“Ordinary Life” rockets out of the blocks on sprightly rhythms, polychromatic melodies and cooing harmonies, and it’s a jolt to the system that feels like waking up on a day and realising every single little thing shines with a new radiance, from your coffee mug to the post arriving in the mail. It’s easy to overlook the wonder in quotidian repetition, but Wasuremono make it all gleam with significance in “Ordinary Life”, a song that’s brimming with thankfulness at sheer existence: “I wanna have an ordinary life with you” goes the irresistible chorus, and never has “we could be ultra normal” sounded like a more thrilling proposition. Not content to just ride through “Ordinary Life” as a pure verse-chorus-verse pop song, Wasuremono divert it into several joy-inducing asides with fiddle solos, moments of ghostly atmosphere, and harmonic breakdowns, all adding to the song’s dynamism and emphasis.

We surely all dream of doing ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ things, especially if you’re a creator wanting to be heard, but Wasuremono’s new song is a tonic for all of us who know deep down that we’re just another face in the crowd, reminding us that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an “Ordinary Life” – in fact it’s just as exciting and fulfilling as any kind of existence.

Listen to “Ordinary Life” on streaming platforms or watch the video below. Check out Wasuremono’s newly-announced UK tour dates beneath.

Wasuremono’s Let’s Talk (Part 1) arrives on April 23 via The Wilderness. Their tour dates are:

7th October – Leicester, The Cookie
8th October – Liverpool, The Shipping Forecast
11th October
– Nottingham, Bodega
12th October
– Glasgow, Broadcast
13th October
– Leeds, Oporto
20th October
– Southampton, The Joiners
21st October
– London, The Lexington
22nd October
– Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge
23rd October
– Newcastle, Hit The North Festival
24th October
– Oxford, The Jericho Tavern
27th October
– Bristol, Exchange

You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.