Wasuremono fathom the slow reality of apocalyptic demise on punchy new single “Eating Up The Sky”

UK band Wasuremono is a charming gift that keeps giving. Following up their sophomore full-length Let’s Talk, Pt. 1, released just a few months ago, the band is back to share some more weirdo, apathetic dream-pop tunes hiding up their sleeve. Today, they’ve shared “Eating Up The Sky”, the first taste of the band’s previously hinted-at second leg of their Let’s Talk double album project. 

According to the band, Let’s Talk was not supposed to be a double album, but as is the case for many artists in the past 18 months, this period in time has been conducive for more creativity and, of course, more results, which means more for listeners to sink their teeth into. 

“With all the delays to tours and release plans due to COVID-19, I spent a lot more time writing new material.” Wasuremono frontperson William Southward explains. “That’s where the decision to put out a double album came about…” 

Needless to say, “Eating Up The Sky” is much more than superfluous seconds. It’s yet another unbelievably catchy single right up the alley of what we heard from Wasuremono on Let’s Talk Pt.1, except more boisterous, more infectious, and yes, weird as hell. 

Back when Let’s Talk Pt.1  was released at the tail-end of April, the world seemed to be on a trajectory back to normalcy. But as we’ve all come to find out, this hope was a mirage, a hopeless reality which this new song expresses to a very anxious and paranoid degree. Although this booming piece of bizarre fuzz-pop commentates on the abhorrent denial of something as apparent as climate change, with a contrastingly radiant posture, mind you, Southward’s lyrics are easily applicable when looking at the toiling world as a whole. Ecological disaster is bound to happen at any second, and a virus will likely continue to slowly erode the very existence of humanity. To put it simply, “fire is eating up the sky,” Southward admits on the track with apocalyptic apathy. Though this is true, it is a human’s propensity to deny truth and science that will accelerate the demise of everything around us.  

Check out the new single from Wasuremono’s forthcoming Let’s Talk Pt. 2 below, and then go catch the band on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.