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vivi rincon lets it all bleed out on “Angela”, announces debut EP

vivi rincon hails from Houston, Texas, with the half-Mexican half-Venezuelan artist growing up in a diverse environment. Having already found success on TikTok via her debut single, “If We Lived on the Moon”, she wastes no time getting to her truth on “Angela”, a song written about a girl she knew briefly, but one who clearly left a deep impression.

Things start off gently enough, with padding drums and strumming guitar, with rincon declaring that she’s “wasting her Friday” on the eponymous love interest. It only takes the song a moment, however, to implode into pop punk rage, with rincon singing, “Go have a life with Angela, hope that she can stand ya / … / Angela will see right through the snake hidden beneath the wool: your belly is full.”

“I’m fine,” rincon insists, and it’s all too familiar for anyone who’s wished they simply didn’t care anymore when all they can do is the opposite.

“Angela” precedes vivi rincon’s approaching EP, crash landing. Speaking on the project, she shares, “[It] explores the intricacies of a relationship, the ups and downs, the passion and the hate, the beautiful and the terrifying. And navigating through the intense feelings that come with being madly in love with someone.

Check out “Angela” below, and look out for the full EP come February 22nd, 2023.

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