Lucy Ketchum

Houston singer-songwriter Vivi Rincon debuts via the heartfelt, pointed “If We Lived on the Moon”

A Houston native, Vivi Rincon is just 21, but you’d never guess it listening to her debut single, “If We Lived on the Moon”. To be sure, it has a youthful sense of hope and dewy eyed sentimentality to it, but it digs into feelings relatable to any of us, regardless of age, all while being specific and personal to its creator.

Speaking to the self-consciousness anyone can feel in love, she looks to the moon as a symbol of privacy and release. “I’d kiss you in public, if we lived on the moon,” and the song expands from there into a complex tapestry of emotion and a rejection of judgment. Dealing with her journey as an out queer woman, when she sings, “We’d never think twice about who we’d offend and we’d never say we’re just friends,” the words sting with truth.

Rincon expands, “This song is about the difficulties of living in a world where you aren’t accepted for who you are. It’s about being scared to kiss the person you love in public, but it’s also about how beautiful love can really be.

Check the song out below via Spotify or via your favorite provider and stay tuned for more from Rincon soon.

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