Vince Staples delivers a gut check in “ARE YOU WITH THAT?”

This Friday, July 9, Vince Staples will deliver his new self-titled album. So far we’ve heard “Law Of Averages”, and overnight he surreptitiously dropped another tease in the form of the album’s opener, “Are You With That?”.

Prodcuer Kenny Beats lays on a woozy, laid back beat, which Vince matches with his usual smoothness as he revisits his childhood. “Remember growin’ up all I wanted was to be a thug,” he admits, but in his new mature, honest poise he can admit “I’m a real Beach Boy / come ride my wave.” In this mode, it’s too irresistible to resist riding with him, though don’t expect full-on friendship from the rapper: “Mama told me ’bout you snakes,” he warns. Regardless, we’re ready to warily dip a toe in and take this cruise with Vince come Friday.

Watch the lyric video for “Are You With That?” below, or find it on streamers.

Vince Staples’ new album Vince Staples is out on July 9 through Blacksmith Recordings / Motown Records / EMI. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.