Vince Staples drops the self-assured “Law of Averages” and reveals album plans

As teased earlier in the week, Vince Staples has dropped a new song called “Law of Averages”, his first new cut for a few years. It also comes with the news that his new album, Vince Staples, will be out on July 9. the record was produced with Kenny Beats, and Staples says:

“It really gives much more information about me that wasn’t out there before. That’s why I went with that title. I feel like I’ve been trying to tell the same story. As you go on in life, your point of view changes. This is another take on myself that I might not have had before.”

The first glimpse of the multi-faceted rapper’s new album, “Law Of Averages”, is a beguiling cut, with Staples putting himself in an ivory tower and telling all the money scroungers in his life to take a hike; “Everyone that i’ve ever known asked me for a loan / Leave me ‘lone .44 Stallone, get a n***a a gone.” Of course, he does this in his signature drawl, never sounding too vexed about the situation – a calm that is emphasised by the skeletal beat and the slovenly soul sample that is warped and draped across it. “You will never catch me slippin out in traffic,” he concludes – when he’s this slick, nobody will catch him.

The video for “Law of Averages” was created with Kid. Studio and shows Staples in a dream version of his local neighbourhood. Check it out below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Vince Staples’ new album Vince Staples is out on July 9 through Blacksmith Recordings / Motown Records / EMI. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.