Photo: Ben Wescott

Viji shares the empathetic grunge-light bop “Unfair” and announces debut EP

Viji, the London-based Austrian-Brazilian songwriter, released her debut single “Cherry” last month, putting her firmly in our ones to watch. Today she returns with the news that she’ll be releasing her debut EP, Are You In My Head, on November 13 through Dirty Hit. She’s also shared a new track called “Unfair”, saying:

“Unfair is definitely one of my favourites off the EP. It’s my 90’s grunge dreams coming true. The song is about someone I used to work with, who’s had everything handed to them but is without a clue what to do with it. There’s a vulnerability in growing up with wealth but no direction. It’s a song for unlikely outcasts, good or bad.

Starting with a 90s throwback beat and golden guitars, Viji matches it with her slightly snotty voice – though it’s not lacking empathy or interest. “Unfair” lopes into a winding earworm of a hook, as she settles into a malaise and remains there: “Sunday morning, I’ll wake up late / watch the leaves fall.” On “Unfair”, Viji isn’t trying to solve any problems, but to merely show affection for these lost and wandering people, and it makes the song into an ungainly but much appreciated hug.

You can listen to the track on streaming platforms, but “Unfair” also comes with a video, Viji saying: “I was drenched in water 90% of the video and the shoot included breaking into and getting chucked out of swimming ponds at night.”

Viji’s Are You In My Head EP arrives on November 13 through Dirty Hit. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.