Vessel and Rakhi Singh team up for violin rework of “Red Sex” and new label

British producer Vessel has been staying productive during lockdown, working in partnership with violinist and founder/programmer of the Manchester Collective Rakhi Singh. Together they are launching a new label called Paplu, which will hopefully fill in some of the void left by the dissolution of Tri Angle Records (Vessel’s long-time label). They have also created a new version of “Red Sex”, from Vessel’s Punish Honey album, with Singhi adding strings. The producer says:

“Ever since I began working with Rakhi we had talked about how fun it would be to do a version of Red Sex with strings. The woozy melody seemed to be asking for it. Trapped as we are in a flat in the heat of a London lockdown, preparing to release a load of new original collaborations in the near future and working hard on our new solo records, it seemed like the time to do it.”

The resulting “Red Sex [Re-Strung]” is dramatic and empowering, playing like an epic soundtrack to the recent uprisings we’ve seen around the world in the name of justice and equality in the last few weeks.

It’s released as part of Qu Junktions’ Meantime compilation, with all proceeds going to Black Live Matter causes. So, even though you can stream it as many times as you like on YouTube, we suggest you go purchase the whole compilation, which features tracks from the likes of Visible Cloaks, Container, Astrid Sonne and more – here.

Regarding their new label, Paplu, Vessel says:

“The intention of the label is to have a place we can always call home; somewhere to present work that draws from our respective backgrounds in experimental & classical music, and which is liminal by nature.

“We have a massively talented group of people acting in support roles as well, from Rupert Morrison (of Sea Change Festival / Dinked Editions), to filmmaker Pedro Maia and artist Yuriko Shimamura. As good as it is to work with other labels, it’s liberating to do it yourself. Keep it in the family, as it were.”

We hope to hear many exciting things coming from them in the near future. For now you can follow Vessel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.