Nina Andersson

Fever Ray shares the throbbing, sweeping “Carbon Dioxide”, announces new LP

Karin Dreijer, better known as Fever Ray, has built a reputation for bringing the unexpected, twisting pop to their indomitable will, into something hardly recognizable, and truly singular. It’s been a long wait for new material from the project, with 2017 marking their last full-length project, but that wait is finally nearly over.

We heard “What They Call Us” last month and now they’ve announced a new LP, titled Radical Romantics, due out March 10th.

To mark the occasion, they’ve shared their latest single, “Carbon Dioxide”, co-produced alongside Vessel. Speaking with their collaborator before crafting the song, Dreijer expressed, “I just think that the direction could be nice, happy, full of everything, extra everything.

Vessel expands, “‘Carbon Dioxide,’ a compound which, being defined by its bond with oxygen, seems to me like a neat chemical expression of the essential compassion that the conditions for life on our planet depend. Compassion and joy; happiness guarded from sentimentality by the absurd and the grotesque; the extra-everything of unconstrained Nature.

Check it out below or on streamers.

Fever Ray’s new album Radical Romantics is out on March 10 through Rabid (pre-order/save). You can find Fever Ray on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.