Leeds band Van Houten released their self-titled album last year and have got a new EP called Home Alone coming out next month. Following on from lead single “What I Need” comes today’s new offering “You and Me”, about which singer Louis Sadler explains:

You and Me reflects on the darker side of love and relationships, describing how me and my partner grew apart and outgrew one another. The song is about me trying my best to help this situation but ultimately making things worse through my actions. The song describes the fragility and fleeting properties of love and lust.” 

At first glance, the EP title Home Alone seems like an homage to everyone’s favourite 90s kids film – but in listening to “You and Me” it seems it’s actually a much sadder, literal name. Combining moodily twanging and gliding guitars in a Pavement-esque pattern, Van Houten create a low-lit atmosphere for Sadler’s reflections on his dissolving relationship. “I watch you drift away / til all that’s left is empty space / that grows between you and me,” he sings in a morose tone that carries the burden of his guilt and despondence, but rather than weigh down “You and Me”, his words combine perfectly with the dynamic indie sound and carefully crafted atmospherics. It comes together magically, and Van Houten open a path to honesty that allows for a deep resonance with the listener.

Look out for Van Houten’s Home Alone EP when it’s released on November 13 through Clue (pre-save). You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.