Bored At My Grandmas House is the moniker of 19-year-old Leeds-based songwriter Amber Strawbridge, who started writing music when she was literally bored at her grandmother’s. With a clutch of songs available, she’s today announcing her debut EP proper, Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too, for release on February 5 through Clue.

The news comes along with lead single “Showers”, with Strawbridge saying: “showers are a kind of therapy in my opinion, they give you time to reflect and think without influence from anything external.”

Indeed, who among us hasn’t just jumped in the shower for a moment of contemplation, to re-catch your breath? That’s exactly where we find Strawbridge at the start of “Showers”, proffering the question “do you ever think of showers like a new beginning?” You might not think that a 19-year-old has much to be stressed about, but that would be ignorantly minimising her experience, and “Showers” goes on to prove that Bored At My Grandmas House has plenty in mind to chew on. Using a dreampop palette, she floats us through her abstract thoughts on life and existence, before sending a literal shower of fuzz cascading down on us in the cathartic and delightfully melodic chorus. A simple song that captures a large intangible feeling, “Showers” is an addictive track that invites you into its warm waters again and again.

Bored At My Grandmas House’s Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too EP arrives on February 5 via Clue (pre-order/pre-save). You can find BAMGH on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.