Photo by Christopher Alvarez

Unsurprising at this point, Ty Segall is already playing in another band and it’s called Fuzz. The group is a collaboration between Charles Moothart with Ty apparently on drums and vocals, and while their label Trouble in Mind claims the members of this group are a mystery to them, it seems through live footage and word of mouth that it’s just a funny joke. They just released a 7″, but stay calm, it’s already sold out. Fortunately, you can check out “This Time I Got A Reason” as well as the B-side “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream” below. Fuzz also has an upcoming appearance at Burgerama II on March 22, so residents of the lower Californian coastline should maybe think about checking that out.

Despite the fact that the duo appears to be cloaking themselves in mystery they let the cat out of the bag months ago in a profile with SPIN Magazine:

“Before they leave for tour, Segall and his guitarist Charlie Mootheart have some work to do. The two are finally satisfied with a handful of recordings they’ve been collaborating on for several months under the sort of name you’d swear was taken decades ago: Fuzz.”