Photo: George Clarke

Touché Amoré express their devotion with “Limelight”, announce new album

Post-hardcore heroes Touché Amoré have been keeping us switched on in the last few years with the release of their live album and the one-off singles “Deflector” and “Green”, but today they announce the proper follow-up to 2016’s Stage Four. The new album is called Lament and will come out on October 9. They’ve also shared new song “Limelight”, and shared this reflection:

“When you’re connected to someone long enough, and you’ve both suffered losses and been there for one another, there’s an understanding and a beauty to the quiet moments. There’s a great line in ‘Pulp Fiction’ when Uma Thurman boasts knowing when you’ve found someone really special, when you can just ‘shut the fuck up for a minute, and comfortably share silence’. I imagined that you’d be shamed for casually admitting that a day or two may go by without realizing you haven’t kissed your partner, but at no point did things feel bad. You’re just in it and it feels like home.” 

As shown on Stage Four, Touché Amoré are masters of highlighting quiet moments even amidst their loud music, and that brilliance is on display again with “Limelight”. The song starts with TA in their usual ripping style, Jeremy Bolm’s throat-shredding vocals deployed to devastating effect. But as “Limelight” progresses, the clarity of production highlights many moving parts, different shades of darkness, and upped levels of dynamism – and for the finale Bolm and Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra interweave their vocals to destructive effect, before it all fades away on golden pedal steel.

Touché Amoré’s new album Lament is out October 9 on Epitaph. You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.