These New South Whales denounce organised nonsense on “Broken System”, announce new comedy series

Australia’s These New South Whales have their fingers in many pies, with albums, mockumentaries and a podcast already in their catalogue, but are planning to expand even further as we head into the new year. They’ve today shared a new song called “Broken System”, from an as-yet-unrevealed new album, as well as announcing a new YouTube spoof chat show called TNSW Tonight!

First, on the series, which features singer Jamie Timony as a chat show host while These New South Whales are the house band, they say: “It’s been so fun thrusting these hopeless characters from our mockumentary series into this iconic television format and watching them fuck it all up. Poor wee souls.”

TNSW Tonight! will air live on their YouTube on Tuesdays at 9pm AEDT, starting next Tuesday, October 27.

Meanwhile, back in their music mode, they’ve released new stormer “Broken System”, which sets aside the japes and directly attacks our destructive organisations. These New South Whales are immediately propulsive in the opening seconds of the track, and only add fuel to the fire as it buffets through its three minutes. Timony takes stock of all the bullshit he – and all of us – see around us, before denouncing it all and those who follow them in the power-punk chorus. “Broken System” is both battle cry against those in control, and warning to their advocates that there’s still time to wise up before These New South Whales drive straight through them.

Listen to “Broken System” below, and watch the trailer for TNSW Tonight! beneath.

TNSW Tonight! starts next Tuesday, October 27 on their YouTube. You can also find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.