Photo: Pari Dukovic

The Weeknd to release House of Balloons in its original form for 10th anniversary

Yes indeed, you read that right. The Weeknd‘s now classic debut mixtape, House of Balloons, is coming to streaming platforms this coming Sunday: but not without some serious fireworks.

In celebration of the project’s 10th anniversary, to the day, he’s releasing it in its original form, with its originally intended samples intact.

To mark the occasion, he also prepared exclusive merchandise, including 1,000 limited-edition LPs of the original version along with a collaboration with Daniel Arsham, who re-imagined the project’s cover art.

Speaking on their collaboration, Arsham reflects feelings we all share, “The summer of 2011 will always be marked by House of Balloons. Like a time travel device, the album transports me back to that specific moment in time every time I listen. It is a great privilege to work with The Weeknd and the XO team to reimagine the iconic album art of House of Balloons as an eroded sculpture for the 10-year anniversary.

Look out for the original version of House of Balloons come this Sunday on your favorite streaming platform.

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