Photo: David Brandon Geeting

Oneohtrix Point Never shares five-part Midday Suite, featuring The Weeknd

This Friday, Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never will release his new album Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, and he’s given us another dose of what’s to come. Following on from the opening Drivetime Suite comes the Midday Suite, made up of five tracks.

While the initiating “Cross Talk II” is simply a 50-second amuse bouche to tune you into Oneohtrix’s world, the other four tracks offer a diverse look at what’s to come on the album. Lopatin takes lead vocals for the wonky sort-of rocker “I Don’t Love Me Anymore”, before offering us one of his perfectly imperfect electronic crystals in “Bow Ecco”.

The other two tracks may be of most interest. “The Whether Channel” is a six minuter that unfolds in two parts; firstly as a serene float through glassy textures that are OPN’s trademark. It then shifts into one of the most surreal rap verses you’re likely to hear, with guest Nolanberollin taking on the role of a horny rodent, or so it seems.

Then comes the biggest star turn as Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd steps into “No Nightmares” to offer his beautifully soft voice to the blissed-out and narcotised production. Unsurprisingly, its reminiscent of the OPN-produced tracks from The Weeknd’s recent album After Hours, although a lot more hallucinogenic.

Check out all five tracks of The Midday Suite below or on your preferred streaming platform.

You can pre-order Magic Oneohtrix Point Never here ahead of its October 30 release. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and it’s also worth taking a look at his newly redesigned website.