Photo: David Brandon Geeting

Oneohtrix Point Never announces new album with suite of tracks “Cross Talk I”, “Auto & Allo” and “Long Road Home” (feat. Caroline Polachek)

As teased earlier this week, Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never has announced his new album Magic Oneohtrix Point Never – a take off of the Boston radio station Magic 106.7. It’s coming out through Warp on October 30, and today he has shared a trio of tracks that form a suite on the introduction of the record.

The tracks are called “Cross Talk I”, “Auto & Allo” and “Long Road Home”, and together they form the Drive Time Suite. The latter features Caroline Polachek, an artist whose sphere has often overlapped with Lopatin’s so it’s only natural they should eventually collaborate. True to its radio station-aping name, Drive Time Suite and indeed Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, begin with a station sting – but warped in true Lopatin style. From there, we’re firmly in his world floating through “Auto & Allo”, which features synthesized strings and whisper-tuned vocals like sunbeams through smog. The third section of the triumvirate, “Long Road Home” maintains the strings but in a more dramatic fashion, adding a strange tension to the AM Radio styling of Lopatin and Polachek’s vocal melodies. It’s a teasing introduction that immediately puts us into the latest iteration of Lopatin’s universe – and we can’t wait to hear the rest.

You can pre-order Magic Oneohtrix Point Never here ahead of its October 30 release. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and it’s also worth taking a look at his newly redesigned website.