Photo: Josje Van Stekelenburg

The Klittens share the bruised, knotty “Pristine Blue”, announce EP

Amsterdam’s The Klittens are following promising singles “Herkenbosch” and “Canned Air” with a new tune called “Pristine Blue”. On top of that, the band announce their new EP Citrus, which will be self-released both digitally and on vinyl April 15th, and can be ordered here. Where the previous songs meditate on emotions like nostalgia and heartbreak, there’s a seething simmering anger to “Pristine Blue” that belies those signature spry, spangly melodies.

‘Pristine Blue’ is a lament that exposes the anger and frustration under the surface of a seemingly peaceful relationship and an indictment of the indifference that will lead to its end. The repetitive stanzas, in which the choir confirms every complaint made by the lover, are a reflection of the repetitive nature of the conflicts themselves”, the band themselves affirm.

The core melody of the song was written by band member Laurie Zantinge during the lockdown period; the daily routines and natural coming-and-going became something throbbing and tense with a lack of alleviating highs and lows. Per usual, The Klittens are a full-on collaborative, democratic band who allow each member to put their creative stamp on the recordings. For example, Yaël Dekker wrote the lyrics for “Pristine Blue” and does lead vocals; all five Klittens are using the band as a vehicle to share the burdens of their relationships, both internally and those from the outside world, which is a cool and useful dynamic to say the least.

Watch the striking video for “Pristine Blue” made in collaboration with young Dutch artist clique Staat van Verval.

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