The Klittens conjure childhood ghosts on jangly single “Herkenbosch”

Megan Bruinen

Guess not everyone has kerosine around to find something to do. In the video for their new single “Herkenbosch”, The Klittens fight small-town boredom by rendering the sleepy scenery into their own version of Ghost Hunters, albeit with some terribly choreographed dance routines and shaky night vision goggle footage. This is where I had my first kiss and where my cat died”, the band deadpans just before the chiming guitars contort into faux-sinister shapes, which almost alludes to a grimmer twist. It turns out to be kind of a cheeky head-fake, as the song skips along with spry fortitude.

Herkenbosch is the Dutch town Conradi grew up in before her parents moved to Eindhoven. The Klittens do put on a fresh twist on the usual small-town angst narrative: as her parents moved back into the village, Conradi developed a newfound appreciation for the tranquil atmosphere as she revisited her old home. “Herkenbosch” shows a more sardonic carefree side after the more melancholic meanderings of the previous single “Canned Air”. The Klittens found their footing as one of the more promising acts from the low countries, oozing the swagger of their DIY beginnings to a more ambitious chapter. Watch the video for “Herkenbosch” below.

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