Photo: Shervin Lainez

The Antlers announce new album and dive into memories of childhood summers on “Solstice”

Following two wonderful ‘comeback’ singles in “Wheels Roll Home” and “It Is What It Is”, The Antlers have officially revealed they’ll be releasing a new album for the first time in almost seven years. The new record is called Green to Gold and arrives on March 26 through ANTI- / Transgressive. Along with the news, they’ve shared a third single called “Solstice”, with Peter Silberman saying:

““Solstice” is a flash back to the infinite days of peak childhood summer, innocent barefoot hikes, staying outside all afternoon and late into the evening, well past it being too dark to see. But it’s remembered from the vantage of a present day that feels unbearably long rather than joyously endless. It’s an invocation of those simpler times, an attempt to conjure the lightness of youth, before life got so damn complicated.”

Indeed, that complicated adult life is where we usually find The Antlers dwelling in their liminal songs, so it’s nice to hear them indulging firmly in some carefree memories on “Solstice”. Of course, there is a very thin sheen of longing for those days that coats the song, but for the most part The Antlers have made a gorgeous celebration and lucid dream in “Solstice”. The duo’s neo-jazz stylings provide the perfect soundscape for this reverie, as delicate drums and piano perfectly couple with Silberman’s gossamer vocal as he relives cherished childhood memories with smile-inducing clarity. When the violin weaves its way into the mix, the result is a rapturous time capsule of innocence and simple joy – an utter delight.

The Antlers’ new album Green to Gold comes out on March 26 via ANTI- (Transgressive in the UK). You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.