Tanya Tagaq shares seething new single, “Colonizer”, along with its stark twin “Colonizer (Tundra Mix)”

Tanya Tagaq already put the world on notice just a little over a month ago via her monumental, crushing “Tongues”, but she’s already back for more.

The experimental Inuit artist has released her latest single, and it’s once again an in-your-face exploration of righteous rage and bombardment on long simmering injustices.

“Colonizer” makes its focus rather damn clear with its title alone, but even still it belies the immediate impact of the growling song. The song was created in a moment of immediacy, when Tagaq performed an improvised live set. It was her instant response to, “performing in visibly and symbolically colonial spaces.” The music behind the song hits with an insistent, persistent, and propulsive force.

Along with the song itself, Tagaq has also shared “Colonizer (Tundra Mix)”, which was crafted in collaboration with producers Saul Williams and Gonjasufi. It’s a starkly different affair, slower to build up and more gradually releasing its fury.

Check both out below or on streaming platforms.

Tagaq will release her new album, Tongues, March 11th 2022 via Six Shooter Records. You can find Tanya Tagaq on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.