Experimental Inuit artist Tanya Tagaq shares piercing, abrasive single, “Tongues”

Tanya Tagaq brings voice to realities many are afraid to confront. Especially as more and more information emerges regarding the horrific treatment of indigenous children, and the mass graves many of them ended up in, on the part of the Christian schools they were forced into, Tagaq’s words bear immense power.

“I don’t want your God, I don’t want your shame – it doesn’t belong to me,” she seethes across a sparse, harsh, industrial-esque soundscape on the first single, and title track of her distantly approaching LP, Tongues. The words are taken from her poetic mythobiography, Split Tooth. It’s an early taste of what’s sure to be a massive statement come March 11, 2022. Produced by Saul Williams and mixed by none other than Gonjasufi, the album promises to bluntly, directly delve into the sharpest corners of Tagaq’s mind.

Below, you can watch the powerful music video, crafted 3D animator Driftnote, the perfect companion to Tagaq’s direct, righteous words.

You can find Tanya Tagaq on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.