Photo: Sarah Carpenter

Synthpop newcomer Pink Laces shares effortless new single “Paradigm” along with its futuristic video

Pink Laces, aka 20-year-old Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg, is quickly making a name for himself. Presenting a form of Synthpop that is both retro and futuristic, goofy and sincere, all at once, he crafts tunes that wouldn’t feel out of place in some bizarre, delirious blend of Drive and Kung Fury.

Suffice to say, his songs offer up a hefty helping of fun, all while retaining a very real sentimentality and bruised sense of pride.

His latest single, “Paradigm”, taken from his approaching debut album, Disclosures, is the perfect display of this precarious balance that he makes seem easy, walking a tightrope all while putting on a magic show. The song itself is almost mournful, yet never loses a nearly danceable sense of poise, a post-clubbing slap to the face that might be just what you need.

Speaking on the track, Wahlberg shares, “‘Paradigm’, for me, is like speaking my mind in a way I never have before and I think people can really relate to it. I think everyone’s been in a position where they feel they’re expected or pressured to be someone they’re not. It’s a song about breaking away from the so-called “perfect example” and just being me.

Check the video for “Paradigm” out below or find the song on your preferred streaming platform.

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