Swimwear is the moniker of Sydney-based musician Tim Derricourt of the band Dappled Cities. Following a trilogy of EPs released between 2012 and 2016 as Swimwear, he has taken some years off, but returns today with news of a debut album called Night Air. It’s characteristically ambitious, segmented into four ‘chapters’ and tells a tale of suburban life and love, inspired by Richard Yates’ classic novel Revolutionary Road. Today he has shared the opening song “Happyness” and a later track “When We’re Alone”.

Of the opener, Swimwear says: “Happyness is both the first single and first chapter of my debut record Night Air, the origin point of a tale of burning love and love burnt out. The song is a story of a night out, in the warm summer air and the ground humming beneath his feet, when anything and everything is possible.”

Swimwear has perfectly captured the feeling of summer air on “Happyness”, immediately setting the tone with a balmy atmosphere and a gentle breeze with his delicate voice and echoing guitar. The song soon kicks into gear with more soft-hued instrumentation, samples, and his tale of pure affection for life and all the people in it. He carries this mood through the blissed-out chorus, taking us with him on his dreamy drive.

“When We’re Alone” finds him relaxing into a cloister of peace and contentedness, as if he’s getting home at the end of the exertions of “Happyness” and just relishing the joy that the day has brought – and the opportunity to finally be alone with the person he adores. “I’m not so worried about it all,” he softly intones over languorous synths, and that utterly carefree mood is a balm that reaches out of the speakers to caress the listener.

Listen to the two track via the Spotify embed below or on your preferred streaming platform.

The exact release date of Swimwear’s Night Air is yet to be announced, but it’s promised for 2020. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.