Peter Sandberg has been putting out piano-based music for a little while now, and had a big break when one of his works, “Deep”, was chosen to soundtrack a climactic scene in the finale of Stranger Things season 3. Coming off the back of that, he now has plans to release a new album called Återvända on September 25.

Having already shared “Rise” from the forthcoming record, this week he’s given us a second glimpse of what’s to come with “In Seven”. While previously his works have focused on piano, sometimes with strings, “In Seven” finds him exploring new avenues with the addition of percussion and subtle electronic effects. While this doesn’t sound like a revolutionary step, Sandberg makes it sound like a whole new world on “In Seven”. The track is golden and wide-armed, inviting you in for a hug while exuding pleasure at the simple fact of being alive; it’s like the feeling of waking up refreshed on a beautiful sunny day condensed into sound. While “In Seven” is still in the modern classical realm, it is also the sound of Sandberg putting one foot into the sphere of contemporary producers like Four Tet and Bonobo – and it suits him perfectly.

You can watch the video for “In Seven” below, which features one of Sweden’s leading child actors discovering a piano for the first time, or listen to it via your preferred streaming platform.

Peter Sandberg’s new album Återvända is coming out on September 25 via Phases Records. You can find the pianist on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.