South London oddballs Horsey exorcise their inner child on the frantic “Sippy Cup”

We last heard from South London four-piece Horsey with their “Bread & Butter” single, released way back in February 2019. Since then, Jacob Read has mainly been putting out music under his Jerkcurb project, but has recently reunited with his lifelong friend Theo McCabe (you can see the two of them above), along with Jack Marshall and George Bass, to record new material. The first offering arrived this week in the form of “Sippy Cup”, their first beloved London label untitled (recs).

Horsey say that “Sippy Cup” is about “being, living and acting like a child,” which goes some way to explaining the utter energetic carnage that they pack into the song’s sub-two-minute run time. While it seems like “Sippy Cup” is a frantic mess of ideas, it’s actually extremely tightly played and structured, with each of the four getting to show off their deft musicality. From euphoric sax, to electrifying guitar solos, to luminous keys – all held together by precision percussion, “Sippy Cup” evokes a helter skelter world of life as a young child. While McCabe’s voice is gruff and manly, the words he sings and the way he applies them to the erratic musical backing joyfully capture the short-lived but excited attention span of a youngster hopped up on sugar and artificial colourings. So effective is “Sippy Cup” at returning you to childhood playtimes that you’ll want to revisit it any time you wish to escape from a world of dull adulting (so, fairly frequently).

Listen to “Sippy Cup” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

Horsey’s “Sippy Cup” is out now via untitled (recs). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.