Photo: Molly Keane

Sorcha Richardson returns with the ever-building, dreamlike “Hard to Fake It”

Having already left an impression on us with “Shark Eyes”, Dublin’s Sorcha Richardson has returned with her latest single – and it’s a special one.

“Hard to Fake It” never really comes to a midpoint: it just builds and builds, making for a unique romp through a night in Richardson’s life. “We were in the upstairs bar / … / how do we get out of here?,” she wonders aloud. She’s musing on the potential of (and potential lack of) love, directing tourists to their hotel, and ultimately contemplating about her inability to escape her most innate emotions: “you know, I’m not like this with anybody else.”

The music rises and swells behind her, gradually leading to an implosion of sound before it’s all over, far too soon. We’ll have to wait for her upcoming sophomore LP, Smiling Like an Idiot, for more.

Check it out below.

Smiling Like an Idiot arrives September 23rd on Faction (pre-order/save).

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