Dublin’s Sorcha Richardson weaves a maze of emotions with “Shark Eyes”

Opening with nearly delicate synths, Dublin-based Indie rock singer-songwriter Sorcha Richardson’s “Shark Eyes” is a song that gradually unfurls before you. Drums enter the picture, all before things come to a true crash for the chorus, managing to create an increased sense of pressure along with a musical backdrop that only becomes more complex and playful at once.

Richardson strikes at once with the likes of, “My love you’re the blue light switch, you’re the getaway car with the headlights dipped/ My love you’re the New York dream we were nothing at all we were everything,” crafting a single that’s both addictive and bracing.

The latest sampling for her upcoming LP, Smiling Like An Idiot, out September 23rd, check out “Shark Eyes”, and its video, below, and stay tuned for more from Richardson soon.

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