Photo: Tina Tyrell

Snail Mail comes to harsh realisations about love on “Madonna”

With just over a week to go until the release of her new album Valentine, Snail Mail has shared one final single called “Madonna”. She says:

“I am excited to share this one! In summation it’s about why love can’t exist between a person and a concept of a person. Remove the pedestal and you might realize there was never anything there at all.”

While there is plenty of studio wizardry in “Madonna”, it is first and foremost a showcase for Lindsey Jordan’s abilities as a lyricist. Through stark images and personal reflections, she manages to convey a difficult lesson in a way that’s universally accessible. And yet, there’s still undoubtedly plenty of her own unique heart in there, especially in the way she sighs “we’re not really talking now”.

Watch a live performance video for “Madonna” below or find the studio version of the song on streaming platforms.

Snail Mail’s new album Valentine comes out on November 5 through Matador (pre-order/save).You can find Snail Mail on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.