Skylet Gunner uncoils a winner on “Queen Cobra”

LA artist Skylet Gunner’s new single “Queen Cobra” is way smarter than most of today’s pop and delightfully danceable. It’s the kind of music your high school valedictorian would have made if she were into 60s Nancy Sinatra and recording in Berlin.

In this era of soundalike bedroom pop, Skylet has an indelible brand and mystique, whether she’s creating film noir magic in the California desert (“Confessions Of A Murdered Heart”) or scribbling inspired lyrics in a Tribeca diner in her native New York.

Says Skylet: “Since a female King Cobra is also referred to as a ‘King Cobra’, it was just another reminder of the inequalities of the patriarchy and male dominance in society. So I flipped the script and wrote a song called “Queen Cobra” as a female empowerment anthem, but also a reminder about toxic masculinity. I wanted to address the role reversal and create the space for listeners of all genders to shed their skin and evolve into a stronger version of themselves. I hope the lyrics resonate with people, empowering them to go for what they want and break any social constructs that pose as barriers.”

The new track uses a theremin, the gizmo that added sci-fi zing to The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” among others. It’s a brilliant touch on a great record, so add this one to your playlist before a snake-charmer intervenes.

Listen to “Queen Cobra” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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