Photo: Yulissa Benitez

Show Me The Body launch the feral “Survive” and reveal EP plans

NYC’s genre-mashing punks Show Me The Body are ready to follow up their surging 2019 album Dog Whistle, having revealed that they’ll release a new three-track EP called Survive on March 19. Reflecting on their time during the pandemic and the creation of Survive, they say:

“During this isolation we had to recalibrate. Recalibrate both how we exist as a band and how we cultivate power within our community. Our live performance is not just a moment for us, it’s our weapon, our language, and our ceremony. Without it, we had to reconfigure how we interact with our community. We established CORPUS headquarters. With our team, we started CORPUS Family, a branch of CORPUS focused on community initiatives; Burning World Book Club, a clothing drive, and a studio residency. We are preparing CORPUS Self-Defense initiatives as well as open jam sessions as soon as safety will allow for it. We built a studio in our headquarters. Survive is the first project to be written and recorded top to bottom in the CORPUS studio. The songs deal with spiritual and physical isolation, as well as staying ready and preparing for the next time we come together.”

Although they’ve had to recalibrate, there’s no doubt Show Me The Body are still firing on all savage cylinders as soon as you hit play on “Survive”. Fibreglass guitar sets a serrated tone, before they launch headlong into some high-octane post-hardcore rife with incendiary messaging: “I never cry watching pigs die.” Julian Cashwan Pratt’s signature growl is back and more impactful than ever as he scans through stark images that have been impressed upon his psyche over this tumultuous year. Rollicking back and forth from galloping punk to thunderous slabs of sound, Show Me The Body show that – despite not being able to tour – they have not lost one inch of their tightness or vitality.

Listen to “Survive” on streaming platforms or watch the powerful video directed by Pratt himself below.

Show Me The Body’s Survive EP arrives on March 19 via Loma Vista (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.