Photo: Braylen Dion

serpentwithfeet gifts us the heart-swelling “Same Size Shoe”

serpentwithfeet is releasing his new album DEACON at the end of March, and having already taken our breath away with “Fellowship”, he returns this week with “Same Size Shoe”. The new song is about his dating experiences, with him saying:

“I prefer to date and love on Black men. I don’t want to be with anyone who can’t go to my barber or walk a mile in my shoes.”

While “Fellowship” was about a wider friend group, “Same Size Shoe” is about intimate one-on-one love, but delivers a same kind of dizzying wholesomeness. With scant beats and melodic adornments, “Same Size Shoe” leaves plenty of space for serpent’s layered and passionate vocals, interwoven with awesome beauty. The verses are heart-meltingly tender, and when it comes to the joyous chorus “me and my boo wear the same size shoe,” it is both cute and profound. This isn’t just a song about being able to share each other’s footwear, but about knowing each other’s lives and experiences inside out. That unmatchable understanding results in one of the most gloriously heartfelt songs you’ll hear this year – even when he sings the horn part at the end, its corny but completely effective in relating his love.

serpentwithfeet’s new album DEACON comes out on March 26 through Secretly Canadian (pre-order/save). You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.