Satan Club delivers us to golden pastures on the acoustic dreamer “Moth”

Satan Club is the new solo project from Matthew Weinberger, the lead guitarist of deathcrash. But don’t let those facts fool you; his music is not particularly satanic, nor does it reach the sonic crescendoes of deathcrash’s post-rock compositions – at least judging from debut single “Moth”.

The song begins with Weinberger alone on his acoustic guitar, almost like he’s warming himself (and us) up with some idly picked but gorgeous notes. Once the first strands of violin gently wind their way into the picture, it soon becomes clear that “Moth” is not an aimless meander but a wordless expression of deep and complex emotion. Of course, just exactly what that emotion is will strike each listener differently, such is the breadth and generosity of Satan Club’s sound. As we follow his gorgeous traipse along this mental pathway, he’s joined by Aga Ujma on harp, who provides light but ear-catching sparkles with her delicately tickled strings, amplifying the song’s quiet magic even further.

“Moth” is the kind of song that paints big canvases in your mind; to us it sounds like walking through a grand wheat field in the golden sunlight of early evening, butterflies fluttering around as we ooze onwards, no place to be and all the time in the world.

The video by Patrick Fitzgerald, on the other hand, places Weinberger on the lonesome grey-brown shores of the river Thames, and his melancholic musings are just as perfectly placed. Watch it below or find “Moth” on streaming platforms.

“Moth” is out on Warm Laundry. Hopefully there’s more to come from Satan Club very soon, so make sure to follow him on Instagram and Bandcamp.

If you’re in London, you can catch him playing alongside Kiran Leonard and Zha on June 1 (tickets).