Photo: Jacqueline Landvik

Sassy 009 shares her crystalline view of modern attraction in “Mystery Boy”, announces new mixtape

Following on from recent singles “Blue Racecar” and “Here Comes The Weekend”, Norwegian artist Sassy 009 has announced her new mixtape, Heart Ego, which arrives on Octboer 22 through Luft Recordings. Speaking on the new project, she says:

“‘Heart Ego’ is the most ambitious project I’ve done so far in my career, yet the project I have had the most trouble defining. Framing it as a mixtape was like finding home. The actual structuring and understanding of my compositions is simply a result of how I think it should feel, and not necessarily in line with a structure someone else completely understands.”

Today she shares the latest single from it, “Mystery Boy”, as well as an epic snowboard-filled video.

Utilising crisp beats and smooth-as-ice synths, Sassy 009 builds an immediately invigorating modern pop song. This setting perfectly accentuates her slightly confused, slightly pissed off lyrics about being left in the dark with a new attraction. All she wants is a sign from the titular “Mystery Boy” about their feelings, as she sees him online but is unsure what to do as she’s been waiting for days to hear something. Bustling and beautiful throughout, the song’s mystique and character is captured perfectly in the chorus, where she flips from charmingly innocuous, “hey what’s up”, to unguardedly real: “I’m not a psycho, I’m just a little annoyed.” Whether or not the titular “Mystery Boy” ever sorts his shit out and gets in contact is unclear, but what’s undoubted is that Sassy 009 has more than enough attitude and individuality to quickly find someone who’ll treat her the way she deserves.

We get to see another side of Sassy 009 in the mountain climbing, snowboard extravaganza that is the video for “Mystery Boy”. Take a look below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Sassy 009’s Heart Ego mixtape comes out on October 22 through Luft Recordings. You can find Sassy 009 on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.