Photo: Jacqueline Landvik

Sassy 009 undergoes angelic evolution on the pulsating “Blue Racecar”

Boundary bursting Norwegian electro pop producer Sassy 009 has returned with new music for the first time in a couple of years – and has done so in style. “Blue Racecar” is said to be about personal change, told through the character of an injured angel who is transitioning from one chapter to the next. “The time has come for a change, whatever it may be – let it come,” as the artist explains.

A song that’s both placid and active at once, “Blue Racecar” gets you vibrating on a sub-cutaneous level through precision clicks and a deep, gliding low end, which takes a D’n’B-esque atmosphere and re-sculpts it into a shimmering orb. Sassy’s voice skates across the top, angelic in its diaphanous turns and pirouettes. “Things were never easy with you and me,” Sassy begins, and then there’s no looking back: only what’s next. Even if it means “starting from the bottom of my silence”, it’s soon a hop into the titular “Blue Racecar” and zipping off to an exciting future There’s plenty of iconic imagery involved, though in the first few listens you’ll probably be distracted by the myriad tones and textures that interlock to create this forward-thinking piece.

Listen to “Blue Racecar” below, on streaming platforms, or on the newly launched Sassy 009 World.

“Blue Racecar” is out on Luft Recordings. You can find Sassy 009 on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.