Photo: Paul Tobin

Sable comes into her own on the crystalline art-pop single “Team”

Sable is a Berlin-based British art-pop producer and songwriter who emerged earlier this year with the beguiling and addictive “Maggie”. As she builds towards the release of her Kitchen Sink EP, today she shares a second slice of what’s to come with the new single “Team”, which was started under the tutelage of Darkstar’s James Young and completed when she was spending Christmas alone in Berlin, separated from her loved ones. She introduces it by saying:

“Team is about the kind of love that makes you grateful for the pain that came before. Lessons learned, hearts broken, everything that has built you into the person that you are. For me, that was a person finally capable of loving and trusting, without relying or needing. That time spent on my own at Christmas allowed me to really understand how far I’d leapt.”

Listening to “Team” feels like hearing Sable growing in strength and self-belief in real time. Beginning with plaintive piano chords, it’s easy to imagine her isolated during the frosty Christmas, receding into herself and making poignant discoveries. “Knowing that someone is on my team / was the most powerful thing anybody ever gave me,” she intones, paying tribute to those loved ones even though she can’t be with them. From this platform of emotional support, “Team” springboards into a propulsive pop track with tasteful beats that push her reflections to even deeper and more resonant places. Skilfully manipulating the pristine production and textured vocals around each other to ensure maximum dynamism, Sable fully converts “Team” into an uplifting song filled with newfound assurance and understanding, shapeshifting around her profound hook “did knowing ever really hurt me?” With care and craft, Sable forms these elements into a crystalline pop banger, perfect for dancing around your flat – with or without friends around.

Check out “Team” below or on your preferred platform.

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