Dark electro-pop favourites Darkstar recently re-emerged with “Wolf”, and today have taken proceedings further with the revelation that they’ll be putting out a new album called Civic Jams on June 19. They’ve also shared another new song called “Jam”, about which they say:

“Jam is like a peripheral two step banger. Like if you were listening to your neighbour playing tunes through the wall or a car sped past and the bass reverberated out. It’s built with all those classic two step presets from an altern8 sample pack we found online. The organ bass is too tempting and satisfying not to use and with Jam we were able to link it in nicely. We called it Jam cos it’s a Jam duh.”

It is indeed a jam, but one that’s likely to have you two-stepping in your bedroom late at night while you can’t sleep, lost in your own world of thoughts. Darkstar have packed “Jam” full of refracting synths and disembodied voices, making you feel like you’re in a beautifully dark prism of ideas, somehow imbuing you with a new power for when you emerge from this electronic cocoon.

Darkstar’s new album Civic Jams is out June 19 via Warp.