Photo: Olivia Bee

Rostam confronts himself on the gorgeous “Changephobia”

Rostam is releasing his new album Changephobia in early June, and with a string of singles already shared (including the glorious “These Kids We Knew”), he’s today shared the title track. He says:

“‘Changephobia’ was one of the last songs I finished writing for this album. The chorus came to me sitting at the piano in my living room; I spent weeks picking up and putting down ideas for the verses. One day I sat down with an acoustic guitar, feeling close to giving up on the song altogether: all of a sudden a new melody, a new feeling, and new words came out of me and I felt like I could be honest with myself about what I wanted to say. The song ‘Changephobia’ is partly about something we can all be guilty of, avoiding our own feelings. I think of it as a reminder not to.”

Although “Changephobia” was written on guitar, the main three elements that maker this into a heartwarming winner are the beat, Rostam’s reflective vocals and the exquisite baritone sax playing from Henry Solomon. This forms a perfect space for Rostam to reflect on his own fears and realising it’s a case of mind over matter, and that he needs to move past it in order to, as the old proverb says “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Listen to “Changephobia” below or on streaming platforms.

The album Changephobia comes out on June 4 through Matsor Projects. You can find Rostam on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.