Rosie Alena and black midi’s Morgan Simpson cover The Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” to benefit the Music Venue Trust

As we approach a year now since gigs were a legitimate enterprise and venues were able to open their doors to excited crowds of music lovers, the UK’s Music Venue Trust continues to fight the uphill battle to keep the problem in the mind of the uncaring government. It’s a struggle that musicians, venues and music lovers up and down the country appreciate – but it’s no easy task.

Songwriter Rosie Alena and black midi drummer Morgan Simpson are the latest to signal their appreciation and offer some support to the MVT by sharing a cover of The Carpenters’ classic “We’ve Only Just Begun” on Bandcamp, with all proceeds going to the organisation. Alena says:

“To all you loooovers out there this one’s for you… It’s a valentine’s surprise! Our Carpenters cover of We’ve Only Just Begun is OUT NOW on bandcamp with all proceeds going to Music Venue Trust ♥️ We’re head over heels IN LOVE with music so please support us in keeping our beloved grassroot venues alive ♥️ ! Made with love by Morgan and I, also with Geordie on guitar, lap steel & accordion 💌 x HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.”

Alena’s voice is a great substitute for Karen Carpenter’s original, but you might notice that there’s barely any percussion on it – in fact Simpson’s contribution comes mainly vocally. For someone who strikes such an imposing and forceful figure behind the kit, it’s quite a surprise to hear his dulcet tones on mic. It should also be noted that his black midi bandmate Geordie Greep does a wonderful job on the lap steel and accordion, too.

Take a listen below – but please purchase if you can.

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More information about the Music Venue Trust can be found on their website.