CMAT is an Irish songwriter who has intentions of ruling the world – while living in her parents’ place in Dublin. This week she has launched her second single “Rodney”, which is named after Rodney Dangerfield. She explains why:

“‘Rodney’ is about what happens when someone you admire doesn’t respect you. The more desperate you are for their affection, the less respect you get. I wrote this when I was dealing with a person who practically hated my guts, and I started watching a lot of Rodney Dangerfield. His catchphrase was ‘I get no respect!’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god, me neither babe!’. It’s supposed to be painful, but still funny, because that’s what making a fool of yourself is all about.”

“Rodney” begins with CMAT singing the simple question, that is repeated throughout the song: “why do you hate me?” Beneath that is some clinking percussion, almost as if she’s banging her kitchen table in pure frustration. Rather than give into this self-pity, CMAT takes “Rodney” into a brighter sound, with plenty of saxophone and doo-wop melodies. By the end, she might still be asking the same question, but the feeling is more like “oh well, it’s your loss.”

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