Red Velvet’s Wendy to make solo debut with first mini-album Like Water

SM Entertainment, to much anticipation and excitement from fans, has officially announced member of K-pop group Red Velvet Wendy‘s solo debut and mini-album titled Like Water.

This is a very emotional and triumphant moment in K-Pop after Wendy spent majority of last year healing and recovering from an unfortunate accident. That isn’t to say that she was totally absent – Wendy alongside her group members released a cover of BoA’s “Milky Way” alongside some great OSTs including “Future” and “Two Words.” However, it was at the start of this year when SM hosted an online concert and Red Velvet performed their iconic hit “Psycho” as five members again that you couldn’t help wiping a tear – or maybe many tears – away to see that Wendy was back delivering incredible vocals and slick choreography as if 2020 never happened.

Releasing a solo album after such a tumultuous time means so much more than great music – it means that her perseverance and hard work has paid off. This is Wendy’s moment in the spotlight and to quote from Red Velvet’s debut song “Happiness” it’s time to “let it shine.”

Although we don’t know what to expect genre-wise, one thing can be assured which is Wendy’s powerful, dynamic vocals. We also hope that her goosebump-inducing solo version of “Light Me Up”, which you can watch her live rendition of below, makes the tracklist.

Like Water is available to pre-order as of today and will be released on April 5th.

You can find Wendy on Instagram.