Real Lies share blissful, yearning new single “Late Arcades”

As trite as it may sound, it’d be nearly unfair not to say it: it’s a vibe. London-based duo Real Lies specialize in the ineffable moments that seem to drift between the present and memory, the moments in which feelings bubble to the surface only to flit away behind your very eyes, omnipresent, yet somehow invisible.

Their latest offering, “Late Arcades” begins softly, subtly consuming the listener, before the tune flips entirely towards its middle point, imploding into a twinkling, thumping groove. It’s a must hear bit of bliss betwixt all this quarantine loneliness and misery.

Speaking on the song, lead singer Kev Kharas shares, “‘Late Arcades’ is a song about taking risks late at night. It’s about being pursued to the seaside by self-destructive urges and set upon by them there, where the neon lights fizz at the edge of darkness. It’s about being locked into a zone of total, fleeting pleasure – ecstatic eyes swivelling back into your head as you bounce from machine to cigarette to drink to machine and back again before choking up as a rockabilly widower sings ‘Blue Bayou’ at a karaoke pub on the front and you miss the last train home. It’s about squinting into your phone in the dark and wishing for a call from a childhood friend who went missing on a night of total, fleeting pleasure a long time ago.

Check the song out on streaming platforms or watch the video by Jacek Zmarz below.

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