Grandbrothers is the project of pianist Erol Sarp and producer/electronic engineer Lukas Vogel, and on January 15 they will be releasing their third album, All The Unknown. The album’s lead single and title track has been spinning around our minds for a little while now, and our infatuation deepens with today’s unveiling of a video to complement the track.

On the “All The Unknown” video, the duo says: “We worked closely with our good friends and filmmakers Manfred Borsch and Malte Thuilot, because they had us hooked with their ideas and vision for this project. We felt that they could perfectly put into pictures, what we only can express with music.“

One can only imagine that the dynamic and vivid musical mindmaps that Grandbrothers create would be a dream to work with for a filmmaker, and the co-creator of the “All The Unknown”, Manfred Bosch, confirms: “The brilliant and deeply touching work of Grandbrothers offers an unbelievable visual playground and creates pictures in the mind of each individual. We are enormously grateful that we were allowed to bring our own visual feelings to this project.”

The cinematic and stark visuals of “All The Unknown” add to the song’s already-imposing presence. Connecting each of the stabbing, whirring and melodic elements of the song to a forlorn protagonist, we watch him venture through a wilderness as ruggged-yet-breathtaking as Grandbrothers’ music. And just when you think you’ve got a handle on both the video and the music, “All The Unknown” takes a leap into an even more rarefied realm of supernaturality. Take a look below.

Grandbrothers’ new album All The Unknown arrives on January 15 through City Slang (pre-order). You can find the project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.