Photo: Addrian Jafaritabar

Portrayal of Guilt launch the sludgy “Possession”, announce fearsome new album on Run For Cover

Texas-based trio Portrayal of Guilt have already ripped our hearts and minds apart once this year with their album We Are Always Alone, but their set to do it again – and with more muscle – with another new album called CHRISTFUCKER, which arrives on November 5 through Run For Cover. On the record, they say:

“We think of it partially in the sense of scoring a horror movie. We wanted to create an atmosphere of anxiety and fear.”

They say they want to “create an atmosphere of anxiety and fear” as if they haven’t already been doing that already in all their output. Well, new single “Possession” proves that there were many more leagues under the black sea for them to plunder, and it begins here. A monstrously lurching, gargling and imposing piece, “Possession” is the kind of music that would give Dracula nightmares. Midway through, Portrayal of Guilt withdraw the sludge riff for a moment, allowing us to catch our breath, but even that short period is filled with vocalist Matt King whispering things like “I feel your anxiety”. Then they come back in with the force of tsunami undergoing a blitz. It’s not for the faint of heart – for everyone else, it’s a wail of a time.

Listen to “Possession” below or on your preferred platform.

Portrayal of Guilt’s new album CHRISTFUCKER arrives on November 5 through Run For Cover (pre-order). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.