Sarah Brown aka Pollena caught some ears earlier this year with her single “Glitter”, and she’s now using that platform to send out a message of unity and belief with her latest single, “Stand Up”. She says:

“This year more than ever we’re ready for real change. Stand Up is about giving people the confidence that they need to make that change happen. Don’t just accept things as they are, don’t just go ‘back to normal’. It’s about expecting something better.”

A skittering house track that’s light as a feather yet hard and shiny as a diamond, “Stand Up” quickly catches your ear with its ever-shifting combination of beats and synths. On top of this, Pollena’s voice skates with powerful determination, singing poetically about her surroundings and then directly about the strength in her heart and her focus on change in her life. There’s an element of sadness for places and times lost, but moreover she uses the repetitive nature of house music to keep reinforcing her feelings – “I’m gonna make a change”; “my heart is hurting but beating” – which makes the message inescapable; it wafts over you then infiltrates your bloodstream, leaving you ready to dance into a revolution.

Listen to “Stand Up” below or on streaming platforms.

“Stand Up” is out via Team Talk records. Find Pollena on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.