We are now less than a month away from the release of Phoebe Bridgers‘ highly anticipated second album, Punisher, and this week this week she’s shared another new track from it called “I See You”. She fills us in on the background saying:

It’s about my breakup with my drummer. We dated for a few years, made music every day, and were extremely codependent. We became like family to each other, so our breakup was extremely tough. But if this tells you anything about our relationship, we wrote this song together, just like everything else.” 

“I See You” bounds with nervous energy, as if it’s going to bubble over – before it gets pulled back as Phoebe manages to keep her cool. For a song that is at root about a break up, “I See You” is very caring and complimentary – except when she talks about her ex-partner’s mother. She brings the full sweep of her complex emotions to the fore on the sweeping and simple chorus: “I feel something when I see you now.”

Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher comes out on June 19 through Dead Oceans. She’s also announced a “world tour”, details on this poster: