Phife Dawg, Redman and Illa J vibe through an ode to Montreal on “French Kiss Trois”

It’s something of a blessing that they haven’t rushed towards Phife Dawg‘s first full posthumous statement. We’ve recently witnessed what a fiasco a lauded hip hop figure being given the after death treatment can turn into via the monetizing of Pop Smoke’s legacy, and while it’s true that Phife may not boast the same level of commercial interest as his far younger peer, he certainly commands as much respect as any late rapper. The A Tribe Called Quest legend is peerless.

The journey towards Forever, his first proper posthumous album, has been a gradual one, but it’s set to finally debut later this year. We’ve already seen “Nutshell Part 2” featuring Redman and Busta Rhymes, and now for the latest continuation of his legacy, we’ve been graced by yet another belated link up between Phife and Redman. “French Kiss Trois” sees Redman join for a sequel to Phife and Illa J’s “French Kiss”, with the latter man also present for vocals.

The beat is as smooth as they come and, needless to say, both MC’s acquit themselves to the fullest. Keeping things in the family, the video for the track also stars Phife’s widow, Deisha Taylor.

Check “French Kiss Trois” out below or on streaming platforms and stay tuned for more news regarding Forever as soon as it becomes available.

Phife Dawg has social accounts being run by his estate; find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.