Photo: Gravy Manuellé

Pet Shimmers take us on a cinematic trip into the gloom with new songs “Snake Eats A Lady” and “Live-In Atrocity”

Pet Shimmers are only a couple of weeks away from the release of their second album of 2020, Trash Earthers, and they are getting people revved up for it by releasing two new songs this week, “Snake Eats A Lady” and Live-In Atrocity”. Oliver Wilde, leader of the Bristol collective, says:

Overcome with a cloaking numb and an irresistible stagnation, two twins separated at birth reunite in a North Bristol industrial estate during the pink magic hours of a Los Angeles sunset’s dying blush, only to compare and contrast their staggering differences through snap filter remakes and Bebo profiles pic reunions. ‘Snake Eats A Lady’ is a like shifter that falls between milkshake slurps and acid baths while stream friendly playlist topper. ‘Live-In Atrocity’ paces up and down narrow ledges like a wiccan platformer about Abe’s Odyssee overthrowing Rupture Farms but in our reality.”

The characteristically convoluted-yet-compelling quote is a perfect introduction to this double header of polychromatic mayhem. “Snake Eats A Lady” is an upbeat and percolating track that finds Wilde singing the titular line with a matter-of-fact tone, as if it’s something he witnesses every day. That could well be the case – the world of Pet Shimmers is a wild and weird one, and that’s abundantly clear as we get swallowed deeper into “Snake Eats A Lady”, a song that overwhelms with galloping layers of buzzing synths and hellfire stop-start percussion.

“Live-In Atrocity” is a more floating and dreamy affair, utilising pockets of mournful abstraction amidst squelching synths to paint a picture of a warped emotional landscape. The overall feeling of “Live-In Atrocity” is an uneasy one, as if the horrors of the world have just become too much and Pet Shimmers have to just close their eyes and dream of a nice place while the world continues its destructiveness around their ears.

Pet Shimmers’ new album Trash Earthers is out October 2 on PS Records. You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also, make sure to read Oliver Wilde’s lovely contribution to our recent Daniel Johnston tribute.

If you’re in the UK you can catch them next year on these dates:

Monday 1st March – The Bullingdon, Oxford, >
Tuesday 9th March – Joiners, Southampton*
 Thursday 11th March – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton*
Friday  12th March – Elsewhere, Margate*
Saturday 13th March – Jericho Tavern, Oxford*
Sunday 21st March – Exchange, Bristol*
Wednesday 21st April – Scala, London*

> = w. Porridge Radio
* = w. Happyness